Key Characteristics of the types of Cannabis Sativa

There are three main types of Cannabis; Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. These are actually botanical terms that relate to how the plant grow and less the composition on the actual cannabis. Marketing and a lack of clinical research and therefore clinical terminology related to cannabis, have led consumers to believe these terms indicate an “effect” from the plant. Below are some examples and a breakdown of each type (and the associated “effects” with each. Cannabis research is constantly evolving, things might not always be up to date. Feel free to drop us a comment and let us know if an area could use revisiting.


These tall lanky plants are lighter green in color. Generally, these strains are good for motivation, creativity, and helping with depression. Sativa strains generally provide a more energetic high.


These plants are generally busy and shrub like plants that produce flowers with deeper hues in the purple and red family. Indicas are generally used for a more sedative high while still maintaining a positive outlook and been very beneficial with patient with PTSD.


These plants have been bred for specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Both Cannabis Connoisseurs and medical marijuana users are able to find specific strain combination to more effectively manage medical issues and explore the vast world of flavours and aromas cannabis offers. Also known as ruderalis.