Using medical marijuana or medical cannabis is a decision no parent takes lightly. It is our goal to assist in informing parents about the risks and empowering parents to make decisions about their children’s health. While the Oklahoma law does not limit the conditions children can be recommended medical marijuana, there is little support in the medical community for widespread pediatric use. However, children with some conditions like Cancer, AIDS, and epilepsy are able to better tolerate the standard of care when combined with medical marijuana. At Bloom we want to help you best treat and manage your children’s health and wellness. Children can be evaluated (medical records are required in advance of setting an appointment) in our office with proof of specific diagnoses or symptoms. Pediatric patients will be evaluated on a case by case basis and follow-up visits will be required. Please contact our office at 405 849-4800 for more information and to discuss with our staff scheduling in your child.

Cannabis has allowed by daughter to live a normal life.
— James Herald