The type of cannabis and method of consumption are unique for every user. Through trial and error you will develop preferences and find the strain and type that meet your medical needs and maximize your cannabis experience.


Flower (weed/refer/bud/pot/etc.) refers to the unprocessed marijuana flower that is generally smoked or ingested in an oil-based food like butter.

Pre-Roll Joint

These are joints pre-rolled by the seller (generally are made from a variety of strains leftover in jars and from processing – but can be purchased strain specific).


This covers the entire breathe of food and drink that contains cannabis compounds. This includes teas, candies, infused butter, etc.


New “hash’ includes was, oils, keif, hash, rosin, and resin or any concentrated compound or product derived from cannabis.


These medical infused topical consist of oils, balms, salves, creams, and locations, used with cannabis or in conjunction with other herbs or medicinal compounds. Topicals are generally used to provide localized rather than systemic relief.

Transdermal Patch

These patches are to be worn on the skin for extended periods of time and allow the user to receive a slow-release consistent dose of medicine over time.

Sublingual Cannabis

These forms of cannabis include sprays, tablets, tinctures, and strips that dissolve in the mouth, and generally have a quick onset of symptom relief.